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Rosewill RNX-AC1200UB WiFi Adapter Review: Balance of Price vs Performance


Sometimes you need gear that just works. I mean lets face it, who has the time now a days to fiddle with hardware to find out its not what you need. I have been in numerous scenarios where I needed a fast and reliable WiFi ...

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Rosewill RGB80 Review


With RGB mechanical keyboards being the latest bandwagon that most manufactures are jumping on I have been keeping an eye out for RGB keyboards that are a little different. One that stood out to me was the RGB80 from Rosewill. Rosewill’s history in the mechanical ...

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Rosewill RISE Full-tower Case Review

Rosewill Rise

Much hype is made of new colors or new shapes for tower cases, but you do not need to be the Dalai Lama to recognize that true change comes from within. Custom water cooling is now more popular than ever while at the same time, ...

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Rosewill Apollo RK-9100xRBR Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


What’s the big deal about mechanical keyboards? Why does everyone seem to want one, after all these years of being satisfied with membrane keyboards? If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is simple. Mechanical switches just feel good when you’re typing with them. These ...

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Rosewill, Experience The Latest Innovations at Computex 2014

Rosewill logo

Rosewill®, the Global Leading Brand of Computer Hardware and Peripherals, continues to bring innovation to consumers on a global scale.  Earlier this year, during CES, Rosewill showcased many products, many of which have already debuted in the U.S. market. At Computex 2014, expect Rosewill to ...

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Rosewill RGS-108P POE Gigabit Network Switch

Rosewill RGS-108P Unmanaged 4x PoE

A computer network is a very important function in our daily lives. If you think about it practically everything you interact with is or at some point was part of a computer network. Computer networks allow us to stay connected  to whatever we are doing. ...

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Rosewill Legacy V4 Aluminum Cube Computer Case


   Smaller cases were once only thought to be used for low powered PC’s but over the years this has changed. With hardware getting smaller and able to keep it powerfully the Mini-ITX computer case is making a statement. A Mini-ITX case can be used ...

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CES 2014 Case Modders and Builders of the Show

Case Mods of CES 2014

CES 2014 Case Modders and Builders of the Show What I’m presenting to you since I’m not at the show is pics and details I could scrounge up. They are after all, busy and working hard… Yea like you would believe that? The “WORK” is ...

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Rosewill RPLC-500KIT Powerline Ethernet Adapter Review

The Rosewill RPLC-500KIT is a set of powerline adapters that offer the potential to transport up to 500 Mbps of data through a home’s existing power infrastructure. The RPLC-500KIT offers an additional way to move network traffic through a home, with support for 10/100/1000 Mbps ...

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Rosewill Let Loose a Monster Power Supply – the HERCULES 1600W

Rosewill-HERCULES 1600W-1

Rosewill® unleashes the Monster, sets free the most Powerful Power Supply to join their Award Winning 80 Plus Power Supply Family – the HERCULES 1600W Rosewill®, the recipient of multiple awards for their innovative power supplies, has decided to hold nothing back and has just ...

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