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2017 RGB Fan Multi Vendor Roundup

If you want to RGB the inside of your case, you *must* start here!

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Hue+ Product page here
Aer RGB Product page here

NZXT has opted to diffuse the LED lighting effect of their fans by putting an acrylic ring over their light sources. This leads to a smoother, less concentrated lighting solution. The NZXT solution is a daisy chain solution. meaning that you plug the fans into one another, and the LED power and signaling is passed from one fan to another. Same thing for the light strips. The strips are dual ended to allow for making a “train” of light strips.
Lighting effects are completely controlled by the CAM software, and require the HUE+. There is not an option to sync this system to your motherboard via the RGB header. it is a completely independent lighting solution. It can also interfere with your memory color control if you have RGB memory installed.
The control software, CAM, does much more than control the lighting. It will allow you to report and control on many aspects of your system. Product page here





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