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Aorus Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse & Thunder P3 Gaming Mouse Pad Review

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 Aorus Macro Engine Software

sofware1The Aorus Macro Engine software does not have to be installed in order to use the Thunder M7, but does need to be installed to take full advantage of the features of the mouse. The first “tab” of the software is the Profiles. Each of the five different profiles can be set here. Up at the top of the software under the tabs, there are five different colors. Each color represents a profile. Each of the buttons can be programmed in the profiles tab. Click the the button you’d like to program and then choose from basic settings, key mapping, or macro.

software2A total of seventy macros can be configured on the Aorus Thunder M7. Click the edit button under the macro number and record to your heart’s content. The Aorus Thunder M7 doesn’t feature an on-the-fly macro recording option. I am really not sure how many people use the OTF macro on their mice. Since most gaming keyboards come with an OTF macro recording function, I don’t really see this as a big deal.


software3This is the macro recording screen. This mouse was built with MMO players in mind and sometimes the GRIND can be a real pain. Record away and have a blast in game.


software4The settings “tab” houses all the configuration options for the Aorus Thunder M7. Practically all aspects of the mouse, such as DPI levels, and scrolling lines are configured heres.


software5 software6
software7 software8
software9 software10


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