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Bitspower MSI GTX 970 Full Cover Waterblock Review

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stock fan stock
Stock Fan Stock Water Block

To start off the test, I used the stock speeds and just swapped the fan for the water block. Idle temperatures for both tests averaged 25° C. The stock fan and heatsink for the MSI GTX 970 reached a maximum temperature of 53° C where as the Bitspower water block reached 36° C.

OC fan OC1
Overclocked Fan Overclocked Water Block


Overclocking with the MSI GTX 970 and the Bitspower waterblock yeilded a 10 MHz overclock above the MSI heatsink and fan. I could not get the card to run stable at 1528 MHz on the fan. The Bitspower waterblock came in with a maximum temperature of 39° C.




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