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Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset

Has Cooler Master Mastered More Than Cooling?

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The front of the box has the Cooler Master “Make It Yours” logo on the top left-hand corner, In the Center is an image of the Cooler Master MH752 gaming headset with the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound card. To the right are a list of a few of the main features of the headset. The MH752 product branding in on the bottom left hand corner,

The rear of the box has an image of the Cooler Master MH752 and a diagram of the USB 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound card that comes packed with the MH752 gaming headset. The diagram of the sound card shows what each of the buttons on the card do. To the left of the picture of the MH752 are a few of the key features of the headset. At the bottom, there are several bullet point about the MH752 os 10 different languages. Just below that is where you’ll find the package contents, compatibility information and to the far right, the serial number.

Once the outer sleeve is removed, you’ll find a plain black box, with the purple Cooler Master logo. The simplified version of the Cooler Master logo. Rgw cover is removed to show the user manual for the MH751 and MH752. The headset itself is covered by a sheet of soft foam. The Cooler Master MH752 comes packed on very dense, soft foam. The headset, mic, and USB 7.1 virtual sound card all have cutouts in the foam to fit them perfectly. At the top, there is a long black box. This box contains a felt bag to store the headset in.


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