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Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset

Has Cooler Master Mastered More Than Cooling?

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A Closer Look at the Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset

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One of the first things I noticed and really like about the Cooler Master MH752, there is no RGB lighting on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown to like RGB lighting, on some things. Headsets are not one. Especially for those who stream. When you are watching a stream, and the person streaming has  RGB lighting on their headset, it can be very distracting. I like the fact that the MH752 looks more like a nice pair of headphones, as opposed to a gaming headset. When I think gaming headset, I think big and bulky. For example, anything ever made by Turtle Beach. I’m not a fan of traditional gaming headsets. However, the Cooler Master MH752 are far from a traditional gaming headset. They feel more like a high-end pair of headphones. They’re very comfortable. The top had padded leatherette, as do the ear cups. The foam inside is very soft and breathable. However, its dense enough to block out a fair amount of ambient noise. Each ear cup had the simplified Cooler Master logo printed on them and swivel 180°. So, you can wear them around your neck, face the ear cups out and use them as speakers. The swivel part the ear cups attach to even has that soft touch feel to it. That is a nice touch. The inside of the ear cups a thin layer pf padding over the plastic covering of the drivers. The inside of the ear cup is also angled a bit to better fit the contour of your ears.

Like most headsets, the Cooler Master MH752 is adjustable. They reduce down to fit a child’s head. My daughter is nine and on the smallest setting, they fit her well. The band on the MH752 also expands to fit any size head from small to large. This headset will fit just about any size head. The band is plastic enforced bt steel. The outer part is metal while the inner part of the band is plastic. There isn’t too much tension on the headband either.


The Cooler Master MH752 has a removable boom mic on the left ear cup with a 3.5 mm connection. Like other boom mics, the one on the MH752 is bendable. This is the same side that has a locking 3.5 mm jack for the cable, which is also removable. Honestly, I wish everyone made the cables on their headset removable. Pet owners will understand why. Nothing is worse then coming home to find that your cat, dog or pet bunny has chewed the cable to their favorite headset. The removable cable allows you to store it in a safe place until you use your headset again. For this, I thank you Cooler Master. In addition, the 3.5 mm cable is braided, not just coated rubber like so many other headsets or headphones. This will make the animal, or child have to chew the cable that much longer before it breaks. Yet another nice touch.

Along with the cable comes a USB 7.1 virtual surround sound DAC. The USB DAC also has a braided cable.  It runs off USB 2.0. For controls, it has the 7.1 virtual surround sound button on the front, as well as volume control. Along the side are both a mute button and volume control for the microphone. There is also a clip on the back of the sound card. This allows you to clip it anywhere that’s convenient for you while using it.

The last thing of note when looking at the Cooler Master MH752 is the felt bag it comes packaged with. This bag is for storing your MH752 gaming headset, the cable and &.1 sound card that goes along with the headset.  Also, I’d like to that Cooler Master for the sweet Cooler Master “Make It Yours” headset stand that was sent to me a while back. I’m glad I was able to feature it in a review.



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