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Cryorig H5 Ultimate CPU Cooler Review: A Matter of Perspective

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A Closer Look at the CRYORIG H5 Ultimate

Cryorig H5 Ultimate

The CRYORIG H5 Ultimate is a tower air cooler measuring 85.3 x 143 x 160 mm without a fan installed. It weighs 764 grams but with a single bundled fan installed, it weighs up to 920g. The H5 Ultimate has a 38-piece aluminum fin array measuring 0.4mm thick per piece with a 2.8mm gap between each other which is wider than most.

The intake side has a unique somewhat honey-comb design that CRYORIG calls the “Hive Fin”, meant to act as flow-acceleration channels to increase the rate of airflow across the array and is where the “H” from the H5 gets its name.

Like the H7, the H5 was also designed to be mindful of RAM clearance with its four-piece nickel-plated copper heatpipe positioned off-set from the center on one side to eliminate as much memory module incompatibility with the intake fan installed. The side of the fin array are partially open in the strip of area before the first heatpipe begins and right where the second heatpipe ends. This serves as additional airflow exhaust for the accelerated intake air.

The top of the CRYORIG H5 has a thick black cap that provides a very tidy appearance to the heatsink instead of an unattractive typical heatpipe wick at the end with typical air coolers. At the top and through the fin array are two holes which serves as an access port for installing the integrated mounting mechanism. The integrated mounting mechanism is the reason why the accessory kit did not have plenty of parts to assemble. This approach should also simplify installation a lot more.


The base itself where the heatpipes converge is very clean without any extra flux visible. The nickel finish also gives a very polished, high quality look to the H5.

The actual contact surface measures 42 x 38.05mm, which is slightly larger than most heatsinks. Typical heatsinks measure 38 x 38 mm which is the full coverage for an Intel LGA2011 CPU integrated heatspreader. The contact surface has a machined finish with obvious off-center rounding marks. This contact surface is protected with a plastic film fresh out of the box and can leave adhesive residue (visible in the photo below) so cleaning the surface is suggested before using.

The bundled XF140 is the “standard” version on the H5 Ultimate which can ramp up to 1350RPM. There is also a slimmer XT140 version for the H5 Universal which is only 13mm thick for better clearance compatibility. The XF140 is a PWM fan with sleeved connectors and has a rounded-edge frame that uses standard 120mm mounting. The corners have pre-installed vibration dampeners on both sides.

Cryorig H5 Ultimate

RPM range as measured by ASUS FanXPert II is displayed below:

CRYORIG XF140 Fan in ASUS Fan XPert II

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