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Deepcool GamerStorm Captain 360 AIO: Does Size Matter?

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Installation of the Deepcool GamerStorm Captain360


Before proceeding with installation, lay out all accessories and cross reference the package content with the illustrated user’s guide.


Intel Backplate AMD mounting

The universal backplate that comes with the Gamer Storm Deepcool Captain 360 is used in all AMD mainboard installations as well as all Intel motherboard sockets with the exception of the LGA2011/LGA2011-3 which has mounting locations for the standoffs integrated into the CPU socket. The first task is to assemble the back plate which consists of the main back plate unit, four screw bolts and a buckle for holding the bolt in place. The appropriate hole is marked properly for the motherboard socket size either for AMD, or Intel LGA115x or LGA1366.



The backplate is thankfully held in place by the rubber washers on the otherside so that users can mount it on a vertical case without requiring more than two hands to install.



Once the backplate and mounting posts are secured on the motherboard, it is time to affix the appropriate mounting bar on the pump unit itself using the small screws provided.


There is a pre-applied thermal compound on the base out of the box but users who are remounting the unit at a later time or using a different thermal interface material should clean the copper contact surface properly first and wipe along the grain so that no material is trapped in between the very fine machined grooves.

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Securing the pump into the assembly is even easier since it uses thumb screws. Put in place in a criss-cross fashion so that pressure is distributed evenly.


Two sets of screws are provided for mounting the radiator. One is short for attaching the radiator directly to the case and one is long for mounting the fans to the radiator. These screws are not long enough to mount the fan and the panel on the radiator at the same time however.


The fans can be plugged into the provided fan hub from a single 4-pin PWM connector which also has an adhesive so that it might be mounted inside the case.


Plug-in the fans or the fan hub (if used) as well as the pump on the motherboard header or directly to the power supply via adapters (not included). The pump runs at 6000 RPM at 12V and has a slowly pulsating red LED reactor light when turned on.


Compatibility and Clearance Issues

As with most self-contained liquid coolers, the Deepcool GamerStorm Captain 360 poses no direct clearance issue for RAM or PCI-E device installation and is well within the range of the keep-out zone  outlined by Intel and AMD for their motherboards. Total pump unit height is 82mm which is shorter than most tower coolers and is under 2U rack unit height.


The only compatibility probably that most people will probably encounter with the GamerStorm Captain 360 has to do with the 3x120mm radiator, although this is very conditional and clearance depends on what case will be used. Fortunately, even the latest gaming-oriented mid-tower cases available now offer 360mm support and many full-tower cases can house it as well.

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