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EnGenius ECS2512FP Multi-Gigabit Switch Review

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Following Benchmarks were performed by PerformanceTest 10.1. Two client machines were used with Killer 2.5G network cards. To get a better understanding of what maximum throughput we should expect on the 2.5Gb ports we use TCP and UDP benchmarks. Jumbo Frames were used in all tests and the value was set to 9000MTU.

The 10Gigabit connection was tested with Mellanox Connectx-2 PCI-Express x 8 10GBe Ethernet Network Server Adapters and 10GBase SFP+ connectors by 10Gtek. Unfortunately, I did not have recommended SFP modules by EnGenius but the results were pretty close to what I expected.

Overall throughput speed of the 2.5 Gb connections was spot on to what I would expect. The 10 Gb connection throughput speed was up to par as well. I have played around with copying files from my NAS that are plugged into the SFP ports at 10GB speed and the speed of uploading and downloading test files was what I would expect out of the 10Gb connection.

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