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Fractal Arc Midi R2 Midtower Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Score

Fractal Designs has a short history compared to that of many of the older more established companies on the market, but with case designs like the Midi R2 their future is bright. The Midi R2 is a well built, perfectly designed case, and it does everything right. The Included fans are quite and the hard drive cage system works flawlessly.

Fractal Midi R2 #15


The sleek modern style of the case makes it elegant enough for the office, and it’s simple exterior is a blank canvas for even the newest of modders. With nothing but great things to say about the case I have no choice but to give the Fractal Midi R2 our highest award. If you are looking to upgrade look no further than the Fractal Midi R2.



Modders-Inc Editors Choice Award for Hardware

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