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Fractal Design Meshify S2 Black Tempered Glass Edition

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A Closer Look At The Meshify S2

The most prominent feature on the “business” side of the case is the tempered glass panel. The sample that I received has a light tint to it making the interior of the case clearly visible. From the factory, the glass, as well as a handful of other parts, are covered with a light plastic film that gives a satisfying feeling when removed.

The front of the case features the Meshify’s signature angular mesh panel. The panel can be removed to clean the foam behind it. To remove the mesh panel, you’ll need to reach under the lip of the front bezel and press upwards on the catch that releases the mesh panel. There is a layer of foam behind the mesh with acts to absorb sound as well as trap dust, although I’m not sure trapping dust was intended. Either way, it is easy to take off, clean, and reassemble. The front of the case can support a 360mm radiator with a maximum width of 147mm.

Moving up to the top of the Meshify, you’ll find the front panel I/O as well as the power and reset buttons. The front I/O include two USB 3.1 Gen-2 ports, a single USB type C, and 3.5mm audio jacks for headphones and microphone.

The top of the Meshify is, well, mesh. This mesh panel pops up by using a button on the rear of the case to release the plastic catches. The panel can be removed to get easy access to the cooling bracket underneath.

The cooling bracket is removable as well. This allows you to install radiators or fans outside of the case and grants easy access to the top of the motherboard. Once the components are in place on the bracket, simply secure it back in place. The top cooling bracket also features a dedicated fill port allowing you to fill your loop without opening the side panels of the case.

On the rear of the case, the power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case. An adapter is included to aid in the installation. 7 horizontal expansion slots, as well as two verticle slots, are available for use. A single 120mm fan is also present on the rear of the case.

Taking a look at the bottom of the case, a removable full-length dust filter held in place by four brackets between the case feet. The chrome plastic case feet have thin rubber pads to keep the Meshify S2 from sliding around the desk.

Internally, the Meshify S2 is wide open. Front to back, the case measures 465mm without the front fans installed and 440mm with. The motherboard tray features a large cutout that gives access to the back of the CPU socket when installing a backplate for CPU coolers. The front section of the case features verticle slots, these are the reservoir mounts. Fractal as also included reservoir brackets to aid in mounting.  Rubber grommets are in place at each opening where wires would pass from the component area of the case to the backside of the motherboard tray. Fractal includes three of their Dynamic X2 GP-14 140mm fans. These fans push air at 68.4 CFM at a sound level of 18.9 dBA.


A full-length power supply shroud runs from the font to the back of the case. Not only does this allow you to hide wires and preserve a clean looking case, but the shroud also provides alternate mounting locations for 2.5″ drives as well as serves as the mounting location for the vertical GPU mount. For those that prefer large reservoirs, the front panel of the shroud can be removed.


Looking at the top of the case, you can see the removable cooling bracket. This bracket supports a 420mm radiator with a maximum thickness of 35mm

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