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Genius GX Gaming Gila Mouse ReviewThe problem with designing for the enthusiast gaming market is that the needs and wants of the user base are more mercurial than any other segment. Aesthetic tastes can change on a whim and new technologies are always emerging to replace something that mainstream users are only getting to know now. There is also the risk of being too much for too little, or worse, providing too little for too much.  It is a balancing act that manufacturers dread but know have to do, since the flag ship product sets the tone for the rest of the line. For Genius’ GX Gaming brand, the Gila represents their high-end gaming mouse and so far it has impressed many of discerning tastes and has even earned a CES 2013 Design and Engineering award. Whether it is worthy of the hype or not is exactly why you are reading this article.

Review Sample Provided by: Genius Product Name: GX Gaming Gila

Price: $99.99 USD  Product was given in exchange for work done to produce this review

GX-Gila-4 GX-Gila-5

GX-Gila-3 GX-Gila-7

The Genius GX Gila mouse comes in side-flipout box, sporting a black and metal theme that is shared with other GX gaming peripheral packages. The CES 2013 Designs and Innovation award sticker is proudly displayed on the front flap while the sides and internal print reveals the Gila’s multitude of features in a handy overview diagram.

GX-Gila-8 GX-Gila-16

Housed inside the box is a form-fitting clamshell cover for the GX Gaming Gila itself and accessories which include a driver disc, user guides and a 3-piece set of replacement feet glides.


Buttons12 (left, right, middle button with scroll, DPI level/eight Macros)
PortGold-plated USB Connector
OS Support
Windows 7/Vista/XP
RGB Colors
16 million RGB
Target Game Category
Light System
Scroll wheel/Logo
Fan Airflow72
Metal4.5g x 6
Resolution(dpi)200-8200 dpi
Gaming Mouse
Both Handed


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