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Kingston HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming Headset Review: Cloud and Clear

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Performance and Testing

The HyperX Cloud II is extremely comfortable to wear and surprisingly light for a headset of its size. The sound is also not entirely bass biased as most gaming headsets that strive for the lowest common denominator booming low frequencies but has a more pointed approach and good bass extension on each end. Highs are not ignored as it should be and is bright and decently defined enough even for multi-media use, although some may find it harsh outside of gaming use. In gaming scenarios, the headset shines and it gives the best sniper experience I have had ever in Battlefield 4 as you can almost feel the recoil hit your chest every time you pull the trigger but not overdone or washed out like most gaming cans, only when it is appropriate for the scenario. The virtual 7.1 does what it promises, and I am sure there are many who play with this feature but most gaming sound is designed for stereo imaging anyway so it is not something that I generally prefer these days.


Microphone recording via USB is not particularly hot nor clear but directly using the 3.5mm jack works very well as you can hear in the audio recordings below.

Microphone recording via USB:


Microphone recording via 3.5mm:


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