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Lexar Hades DDR4 3600 32GB Memory Kit

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Final Thoughts

Lexar’s Hades RGB DDR4 32GB Kit is a pretty slick RAM kit.  Our sample came as a 32GB kit, but you can also get this RAM in 8, 16, and 16 kit modules.  The timing and latency on the 32GB kit are CL22 / CL18-22-22-42.  With the stock setting and XMP 2.0, the memory is highly stable and does not need anything from the operational perspective.  Overclocking, however, was a different experience. Pushing the speeds up and attempting to lower latency caused an almost instant blue screen on my system. I had a tough time getting better speeds and timings for this kit.

Lexar Hades DDR4 3600 32GB

The RGB functions of the kit are pretty standard, as we see similar customization options in other RAM kits.  Lexar’s RGB customization/sync software is intuitive and easy to use.  I found no issues with the application or its functions. If you are looking for a kit that has the better overclocking ability then this kit is not for you.  But if you are looking for more RAM capacity and relatively fast speed, Lexar’s Hades RGB DDR4 32GB Kit would be a suitable fit.

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  1. I guess it makes sense Lexar DDR4 is using Spectek ICs given Lexar’s past affiliation with Micron.

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