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Lian Li Ebonsteel PC K6 Case Review

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A Closer Look at the Lian Li PC K6

Taking a quick looking around the PC K6 we can see that there is no side window and no other prominent features. Both the left and right side of the case mirror each other.

lian-li-PC-K6-05 lian-li-PC-K6-06


At the rear of the case we see that it looks pretty stock and comparable to other steel cases. The view from the front of the Lian Li PC K6 presents us with a flat panel that greets us with two 5.25 drive bay access panels. The entire from panel is formed plastic that mimics the look of the rest of the steel case. As we dive further into the PC K6 you begin to see the hidden features of this computer case.


lian-li-PC-K6-07 lian-li-PC-K6-04


The top of the PC K6 has a magnetic mess screen that covers the air intake. Fans or a radiator for water cooling can be installed in this location. Audio in/out ports, three USB ports (one 2.0 and two 3.0), a reset and power button are placed at the top front of the case. They give the minimum, but you really do not need anything else. Both areas are slightly recessed to minimize those accidental hits. On both sides of the front panel are some very stylish air intakes that are backed with metal mesh but lack any filter material.


lian-li-PC-K6-34  lian-li-PC-K6-08 lian-li-PC-K6-09


Under the rear section of the PC K6 a power supply air intake filter that can easily be removed and controls the entrance of items into the PSU. Made of plastic and tight mesh the filter can easily be cleaned with water if you ever forget to clean it for several months, but you would not do that, right? Placed under the front bezel is a dual purpose slot that serves as both an air intake and a access hole to grab to help remove the front plastic bezel. A slight tug and the front bezel comes loose and you are able to remove the whole piece gaining access to the cooling fans underneath it.

lian-li-PC-K6-24 lian-li-PC-K6-25



With the left side panel off of the Lian Li PC K6 we get the first look as to where your hardware will be spending its time. Just like most Lian Li designs, a clean look is what they are after. Some people look at it and see nothing jump out at them and quickly move on, but that is the trick. Making something look so clean that it looks plain, but when you start looking at it you find all those extra touches is quite the challenge. Right away you can see two items when you remove the side panel. The storage rack is hidden from view with a flat piece of steel. This piece also works as a duct way for the air that is being brought in from the front of the case and directed over the hardware then out the back. To help create this duct work a shroud is placed over the lower section of the interior.



Looking towards the back side we presented with a pre-installed 120mm fan. The low noise seven bladed fan will help keep the air moving, but you need power to do this. A nice feature of the fan is that you get dual power connections. Installed on the power cable is a molex connector but just a few inches down you can unplug it from a three pin connector which now you can use to install directly to a fan pin out on the motherboard.  The two other pre-installed fans have this same feature.

Turning towards the front of the case we can see the storage cage that is positioned across the interior of the case. A non removable flat panel helps hide all the drives from sight. With the front panel removed we can see there the Lian Li PC K6 comes with two 120mm fans installed with mounting holes for 140mm if you want to do a slight upgrade.

lian-li-PC-K6-12 lian-li-PC-K6-13 lian-li-PC-K6-26


A huge opening in the motherboard tray allows free and clear access to rear of the motherboard when installed. This open also allows some of the heat that is produced to exit. At the top of the tray we are given two 2″ by 0.5″ access pathways for routing wires and cables.

lian-li-PC-K6-21 lian-li-PC-K6-16


A tower of seven storage devices can be installed if this is your kind of thing. The storage caddies are simple to use and to install different size drives into. Made of ABS plastic with a simple release system, pressing two tabs that flex, quickly releases the tray. Three rubber grommet pass-through holes help you route your cable for a cleaner look.

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