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Lian Li Ebonsteel PC K6 Case Review

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Hardware Installation and Clearance Compatibility


Video Card Clearance:

  • There is plenty of room around the installed  GTX 980. As you can see a full size card fits into the case rather easy.
  • 310 mm of space is given from the I/O ports to the storage drive rack.

CPU Cooler:

  • Air coolers can be no larger than 170mm in height.
  • If you are looking to do water cooling with this case you are limited to using a AIO (All In One) cooling solution.

Rear Radiator:

  • 120mm x 120 x60mm
  • Two grommeted holes are available if you want to have an external mounted or routed water cooling components or system.

Front Radiator:

Top Radiator:

  • 120mm x240mm x60mm
  • 140mm x280mm x60mm


PSU Install:

  • 310 mm of space is given from the I/O ports to the storage drive rack.
  • A shroud covering the PSU helps to keep extra cable hidden for a cleaner look.
lian-li-PC-K6-15 lian-li-PC-K6-14


Cable Management:

  • Three rubber grommet pass-through holes. Another hole, one below the two vertical ones, would have been helpful
  • Two large access holes at the top of the motherboard for easy CPU power cable routing and fan power cable routing
  • PSU/cable shroud kept the look clean. Slot to route the lower cables
  • Space behind the motherboard is .75 of an inch which is adequate for cable routing
lian-li-PC-K6-32 lian-li-PC-K6-30



Storage Installation:

3.5″ HDD installation:

  • The HDD caddy are make of plastic
  • Drives fill the whole caddy
  • Screws hold the drive in place
  • Rubber grommets used for vibration reduction

2.5″ HDD installation:

  • The same caddy tray is used for the 2.5 drives
  • Four screws install from the bottom and the drive mounts in the middle
lian-li-PC-K6-35 lian-li-PC-K6-31


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