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NZXT HALE82 v2 700 Watt Modular Power Supply Review

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Final Thoughts

NZXT HALE82 V2 700w

So there you have it our overview of the NZXT HALE82 V2 Modular Power Supply. In case you not have not noticed NZXT takes the time to create some great looking products, even if they won’t be seen. But when you have pride in want you make then you go all the way. You should have this same thought process when looking to get your next power supply and take a look the PSU’s that NZXT has to offer.

I am impressed with the styling and quality that is presented in the NZXT HALE82 V2 Modular Power Supply. Most of the time you think that a power supply in the 600-700 watt range is going to a generic looking fingers-crossed-that-it works. Well with NZXT your are pretty much guaranteed you will get the best of both. The flat accessory cables are almost a necessity for getting that perfect look inside your PC. They are much easier to route and bend and the supplied cables meet those standards with ease. Now the main power cable is a different story. I would really like to see NZXT  make this a flat power cable as well. Taking in everything and then throw in a MSRP of $99.99 we are going to have to give it a Must Have Award.


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