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NZXT Zero 2 Crafted Series Computer case

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NZXT created a successor to their Zero chassis that they released, and it is a good computer case in it’s own right. The design is distinctive, but not distracting. It is solid steel which means it will not be light, but it will offer a ton of protection to your equipment. It is very spacious on the inside and easy to work with. The provided cabling for the USB and Audio connectors on the top need to be longer to be useful to an anal cable wrangler (such as myself) who likes to tweak his case’s internal appearance. The front bezel is distinctive with it’s smoky chrome gloss finish in contrast with the matte black powder coat, but the inside of the case is missing some key “enthusiast” types of features like CPU back plate access (by cutting a hole in the tray), there are no holes for water lines, better access for cable management,  and the thumb screws are not the most robust of designs.

There are no show stoppers in my picky list, but some of the things that I pointed out *may* be show stoppers for you (if you have a full sized power supply, it may not fit properly due to the steel extrusions for the 80mm fan and the inability to use the front panel audio or USB cables if your ports are on the very bottom of the case).




+ Spacious steel chassis
+ Lots of room for air cooling options
+ Front is attractive without being “loud”
+ Blue LED’s work well with the scheme
+ Some good cable routing hidden in the case
– Possible problems with full sized power supply
– USB/Audio cables are too short
– No water cooling holes
– Front fan overly loud
– No hole in the motherboard tray for access to the back CPU bracket.

Modders-Inc Hardware Score of 7

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