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Origin Genesis PC Chassis Review – Part 1

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At CES 2013, we were pulled aside during one of our meetings and asked if we had seen the new Origin PC case. At that time, we had not. We were then introduced to the folks over at Origin. We heard the story of the Origin Genesis PC case. The case was kept top secret from the rest of the company and was developed in-house. Every precaution was taken to prevent leaks, then BAM! The Origin Genesis was unveiled to the public. My first impression of the case when I saw it at the Origin booth was one of awe and excitement. When we were told about the customization this case has to offer, I knew I wanted to get my hands on one. In December 2014, Origin made it happen.

It is not too often we get a chance to review products from a boutique builder. Most of our reviews cater to the DIY crowd and, for the most part, boutique builders do not “fit” into the DIY scene. But this case is different; intriguing and different.

This is not going to be our typical PC case review, due to the fact that this case is not designed to be sold to the general public. I don’t know if that will change or not, but for a limited time in December, Origin did offer the case for sale. There are two versions of the case; the full tower case called the Genesis and the mid-tower case called the Millennium.

Before we go any further, if you have purchased your Origin Genesis or Millennium system, Origin does not recommend that you try to take apart or rearrange your case and/or components. Give them a call and support can help you out.

Case Specifications

Form-Factor Full-Tower
Size and Weight Height: 25.26 ”
Width: 9.75 ”
Depth: 24.8 ”
Weight: 10 lbs
Variable Mounting Technology  Standard
90° Standard
90° Inverted
Color Options Standard: Red, Black, White
Custom (Side Panels or Complete Chassis): Custom Paint,
Metallic (Side Panels Only): Cyborg Green, Atmos Blue, Horizon Yellow, Sabot Grey, Atmos Blue,
Themes (Side Panels Only): Shredder Blue, Shredder Green, Shredder Red, Neurons
Ports 4 X USB3.0
1 X Microphone
1 x Headphone
Bays 34 X Internal 2.5″
12 X Internal 3.5″
7 X External 5.25″
Special Features Variable Mounting
16 LED Color Lighting Settings
Remote Controller LED Settings
Switchable Manual/Auto Fan Control
5 Bay Hot Swap Cage
Cooling Support Up to 3 X 360mm Radiators


IMG_0488The Origin Genesis is shipped in a massive wooden crate aptly named Origin Wooden Crate Armor. The crate is built to protect the Genesis from all but the most brutal of shipping hazards. The crate is held together by a ton of wood screws.

DSC_4420 DSC_4421

Inside the crate a heavy duty cardboard box offers additional protection from damage. Inside the cardboard box, more protection is offered in the form of a closed cell foam skeleton located on the top and bottom. Ordering a Genesis or Millennium system is not inexpensive and Origin takes the extra steps to make sure the system arrives intact.

DSC_4616As far as the installation kit goes, there isn’t much there, but it is enough to get the computer up and running. Included with the case is a remote control for the lighting, extra motherboard stand offs and screws, hard drive and radiator installation screws.

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