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Origin Genesis PC Chassis Review – Part 1

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Origin’s Variable mounting system

Everything we have shown up to this point has been leading up to the variable mounting system of the case. The things that make this case unique and desirable can not be identified as just one. The frame and all the attaching parts, the design and final product all have to fit in unison in order to make the Variable mounting system work.

One of the most important parts in making the Variable Mounting system work in the Origin Genesis is this plate located just under the motherboard tray. The plate can be removed and swapped to the other side of the case when using a mount other than the traditional left facing orientation. The plate is held in by nine screws, three on the lower portion, two on the back side near the rear of the case, and four up front near the 5.25″ drive bays.



There is also a piece at the top that will need to be swapped around. This metal bracket is supposed to go opposite the top LED light strip. Depending on the orientation, the light strip will need to be moved as well.

DSC_4627 DSC_4631
DSC_4629 DSC_4628



Essentially, there are only a few pieces that need to be changed internally to be able to utilize the variable mounting system. The four pictures above show the motherboard tray in the traditional, 90°, inverted, and the 90° inverted positions.

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