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Be Quiet Silent Base 800 Computer Case Review

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After many weeks of working with this case, I have mixed feelings. There are many features that I really like such as the sound dampening pads and hidden SSD mounts. However, the thin steel is not very sturdy. In fact, the motherboard plate actually flexes and wobbles. However, for the price point this case is at, it is missing some features that I have come to expect that other brands feature such as built-in fan controllers, windowed side panels and fully-modular configurations. This case is just begging for someone to put a large side window panel on it, and it’s large flat surfaces would make an excellent blank canvas for vinyl or paint work.

The sleek minimalist design works very well for the Silent Base 800 and the silent fans compliment the sound dampening while providing ample airflow. For a premium price however, certain features such as additional cable tie-downs would improve the user experience further. Having a full modular design will also help with flexible compatibility when mounting higher-end components such as custom liquid cooling. Hopefully these features are improved in Be Quiet’s future case projects.


  • Sleek Minimalist Design
  • Sound Dampening
  • Hidden SSD Mounts
  • Large Feet for Ample Airflow from Below


  • Thin Material
  • Lack of Adequate Cable Tie Downs
  • Lack of Full Modular Design
  • Price
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