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Raidmax Monster Mid-Tower Computer Case

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Raidmax Monster Mid-Tower Computer Case computer case, Mid Tower, Raidmax 1

  I ran the Raidmax Monster for 3-4 weeks and during that time I had no issues with heat. It seems that the Raidmax Monster does a pretty decent job of producing good airflow and exhausting the heat from the inside of the case. Now, I think that the temperature would go up if all eight HDD slots were full, as four hard drives in each cage would undoubtedly interfere with the air intake.

  I did notice that the case feet would loosen up, if you moved the case around on the desk very much. As the feet are held on with a single screw in the center of each foot. With a little side to side motion, they seem to work loose causing instability and slight vibrations.

 With the front mesh being black, I  found it necessary to wipe dust from the front intake area every so often. This however, I have found to be the case with most every case I have run across with a painted mesh intake, and is probably unavoidable.

  Mechanically speaking the side panels worked flawlessly, both their latch assemblies and the spring loaded retaining clips that kept the panel in place at the bottom. The only small issue i had with the side panels was that when I received the case the side panels did not fit snug / flush against the chassis and thus would vibrate and rattle during operation of the computer. I did notice however, that the side panels were actually bowed out a tad. With them being aluminum I very carefully bow / bend them in the opposite direction (in the center near the ribbed area) so they would fit perfectly. This would take care of both the vibration and the rattling. I think perhaps a small brace running up both ends of the side panel would fix this permanently, as there isn’t any bracing on the side panels.

  In regards to cable management, I do believe a bit more could be done to address making cable management an easy task for this case. Yes, while you can take your time and figure out a way to hide and make your wires and cabling much nicer, you will have to buy a few cable ties and perhaps stick on cable tie mounts to do it correctly. Where as most companies would have provided you with a few such essentials given the price of such a case.

  I also believe given the price of the Raidmax Monster that vented PCI expansion slot covers would have been a must. Especially in light of them adding thumb screws to the expansion slots, I mean heck they went to the expense of that, why not go a tad further. 

Raidmax Monster Mid-Tower Computer Case computer case, Mid Tower, Raidmax 2   Raidmax Monster Mid-Tower Computer Case computer case, Mid Tower, Raidmax 3

  Now while the edges of the case chassis for the most part were fairly smooth, being aluminum and speaking mainly of the extruded parts, there were one or two rather sharp edges to be found. Now, while I myself did not get any nicks or cuts, it may be possible for someone not used to building a pc to get a nick. I do feel that the edges I found were simply overlooked and that they may not be found on or even in the same places. One I would like to point out in particular is on the front outside edge of the case. The reason I point this out is that with the case being rather long, the outside front edges could (like on my desk) stick out away from the desk slightly, making it very easy for a toddler to bump into, which could in turn cause a pretty nasty cut to their soft skin. I felt that if I were to push my rough hand hard against the edge, it could indeed cut me. I think just a tad more attention should be given to this area to insure nothing protruding from the case could potentially cause an injury to anyone.
  While the power / usb header functioned properly, I must say I am rather tired of these being put on top of the case. I for one like having my nice case sitting on the desk beside me, for more than one reason. One reason is of course, if i paid for an aftermarket case that looks nice, I want it to be seen, otherwise what’s the point in a custom / nice case. Secondly, it is a known fact that there is more dust near the floor, so why place the intake fans closer to the dust. Yeah, yeah, I know it may be my opinion, but then again I may not be alone.

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