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Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler Review: A King in Yellow

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A Closer Look at the Reeven Okeanos

Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler

Making up for the lack of the bulk, the ReevenOkeanos is not short on height measuring 163mm tall. Just like the Ouranos and Hans, the top has an aluminum plate and the heatpipes are not protruding beyond this top cover. Total aluminum fin-count stands at 57 per tower, not including the thicker aluminum plate on top. Total width is 140mm and total depth with fans installed is 135mm.

Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler

The aluminum fin pattern is not elaborate like other coolers, having wide, staggered steps although the inner pattern is different from the outer pattern disparate of the airflow. The inner pattern has a wider step down area and steps up as it approaches the edges while the outer pattern has a narrower middle, steps up, then steps down again and immediately steps up two levels as it reaches the edges. Other than having a gap in the middle accounting for a dead zone, the pattern is seemingly a more aesthetic decision than functional. On all sides, the aluminum fin array is completely open with no muted areas for shaped or channeled airflow.

At the base, two 8mm heatpipes are at the center while four 6mm heatpipes are on the outer part, all of which fan out and distribute across the two towers evenly at the center. The heatpipes as well as the contact surface is nickel plated to prevent copper corrosion over time from exposure. The heatpipe connection is clean and of similar, quality build seen on the Ouranos cooler. The contact surface differs slightly however, having faintly visible rounded machining marks upon closer inspection but otherwise highly reflective and relatively flat instead of having a convex center point.


The fans bundled are variations of Reeven’s Coldwing series fans. It has the same form factor having both 120mm mounting holes including the 140mm model. The 120mm Coldwing 12 has 11 blades and has a very steep curve towards the hub and relaxes as it reaches the edges. Unlike the Coldwind 14, the struts are thinner and curve against the blade direction. For the 140mm Coldwing fan, there are nine blades in total with straight struts and the blades have a more prominent leading curve than trailing edge. The hub itself is 39mm in diameter. Both have sleeved cables with PWM connectors and are sleeve bearing fans.

Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler

The way the naming scheme on the Coldwing fans work is that the fan speed near the end is the designation of the max RPM of that fan. For example, the RM1225S18B-P peaks at 1800RPM while the RM1425S17B-P peaks at 1700RPM.

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