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Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review: Size + Smarts

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A Closer Look at the Reeven Ouranos

Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review: Size + Smarts 140mm, CPU Cooler, heatsink, ouranos, reeven 1

The Reeven Hans stands 161mm tall and is 143mm wide. With the 25mm thick fan installed, total depth is only 95mm. Like other Reeven CPU coolers, there is an thick laser cut metal plate cap on the top which makes the Reeven Ouranos look much more appealing than most standard air coolers with exposed copper tops. There are 55 aluminum fins in total where four 6mm and two 8mm thick nickel coated copper heatpipes transfer heat away to from the base. The heatpipes curve to one side as if swaying to allow for extra RAM clearance when the fan is installed facing East/West orientation on the motherboard. The two 8mm heatpipes are in the middle and extend the furthest to both sides while the four 6mm heatpipes sandwich the 8mm heatpipes in the middle but form the inner heatpipe arrangement. Heatpipe distribution on the aluminum fins are not equally spread out but concentrated closer to the sides in a linear fashion to the direction of the airflow. All sides are open-air with wide surface staggered to three levels culminating in a deeper, narrow center lane.


Much like the heatpipes, the copper base is also nickel finished for wear resistance. The primary stage heatsink has basically just a block of aluminum with no fins extend upward. The contact surface is rounded machine finished with an obvious convex center point.



Reeven bundles a sleeve bearing 140mm  PWM fan with their trademark yellow color. The fans have 9 blades and start with a steep angle coming from the 40mm diameter center hub and slightly maintains that angle as it reaches the edges. The leading edge has a more prominent curve towards the tip than the trailing edge but not by much. There are four struts on the exhaust side and they are straight. The mounting holes on the frame fit standard 120mm mounting holes and frame thickness is standard 25mm as well.

The fan cable is nicely sleeved and has a black 4-pin connector, Readings from ASUS Fan Xpert II reveal the real-world controllable PWM range:

Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review: Size + Smarts 140mm, CPU Cooler, heatsink, ouranos, reeven 8


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