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Rosewill WolfAlloy Case Review: Fear The Claw

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Hardware Installation and Clearance Issues

The hardware installation went pretty smooth with the motherboard sitting nice and snug in the motherboard tray while the cable management holes locations came in extremely handy. In this build I am using a pair of R9 290 cards. These cards about 12 inches in length and as you can see I have no issues installing them. If you do have longer cards, the hard drive tray can be removed. I am also using a CM Nepton 120XL all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. It has double fans on each side of the radiator and fits perfectly in the case. If you are going to be using an air CPU cooler, keep in mind that this case supports up to 175mm coolers in height.

IMG_8145 IMG_8146

The Rosewill WolfAlloy offers tool free installation of 5.25″ devices so installing a DVD drive or water cooling reservoir is a breeze. Just push out the front bezel faceplate and slide a DVD drive in.



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