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Rosewill WolfAlloy Case Review: Fear The Claw

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Final Thoughts

The Rosewill WolfAlloy ATX mid tower case has lots to offer. What we thought was luxury at one point now is a standard in pretty much any case and the WolfAlloy is no exception. WolfAlloy has plenty of room to run some custom piping for GPUs and CPUs. The top of the case supports up to a 240mm radiator and we can also rear mount a GPU radiator. Overall, the case construction is good. I really haven’t found any issues that would jump out at you. The paint job is pretty good too with the basic black color. If you are going to paint this case over, the removable window comes in handy. I am not 100% sure if I like the front wolf-claw marks on the case but I guess that is up to you to decide. The orange lighting complements the front of the case and works well with the design.


So to sum it all up and to answer the question you want to hear, is it worth it? Right now Wolf Alloy retails for about ~$90 USD and I think it is a sweet spot for mid-tower case like this. You can use this case right out of box or use it to mod it and make it better based on your liking. I would recommend this case for a beginner modder or some one who is looking for a start up case with future upgrades in mind.

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