Silverstone TD03-SLIM CPU Cooler Review: The Fit (Almost) Anywhere AIO

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A Closer Look at the Silverstone Tundra TD03-Slim

Silverstone TD03-Slim

Unlike the previously reviewed Silverstone TD02-E AIO, the TD03-SLIM is not meant for high-end cooling but rather trades in performance for better compatibility. The slim aluminum radiator measures 22.7mm thick with 22 fins-per-inch supporting 120mm fans on both sides.

The pump block combo is a lot more humble and low-key compared to the high-end TD02-E. The 12mm diameter rubber tube attaches on the side of the pump block which also has the Intel mounting clips pre-attached out of the box. The 310mm long rubber hose has braided lining inside so it maintains its integrity and prevent kinks when positioned in tighter spaces. The pump on the block is powered by a 3-pin fan connector.

The contact surface is copper with a total surface area of 56.3mm square or 42.3mm square excluding the area with screws. The surface has very fine rounded machining marks

The slim fan is based off of the same design that Silverstone uses on their 25mm AIO fans having a 9-blade design that has a prominent curve. The leading edge has a groove across its length while the trailing edge near the tip has serrated edges. Due to the slimmer design however, Silverstone has braced the blades together in the middle and the struts are similarly designed on the exhaust side. It is PWM with up to 1.84 mmH2O of static pressure. I found the cable to be a bit on the shorter side however at only 30cm (1 ft) long.

Silverstone TD03-Slim

RPM range as measured by ASUS FanXPert II is displayed below:


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