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Sound BlasterX AE-5 Sound Card Review

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The Sound BlasterX AE-5 comes in a very attractive box. The front has the Sound BlasterX logo and the Pro-Gaming branding on the top left corner. On the opposite corner, the is a stamp. This stamp states there have been over 400 million sound blasters sold worldwide. It also ranks Sound Blaster #1 in PC audio.

In the center of the box, there is an image of the Sound BlasterX AE-5. The sample we received was the Pure Edition. The only difference between the Pure Edition and the standard is the color, and number of RGB LED strips that come packed with the sound card. The standard edition is black and comes with a single RGB LED strip. The Pure Edition is white, aside from where the lighting is and includes 4 RGB LED strips.


On the bottom left corner, we see the AE-5 Pure Edition product branding, with a brief description of what it is, a PCIe DAC with a discrete headphone amp. Below, is a list of features of the sound card. Some of these features are 122 dB DAC, Hi-Res, 32 Bit/384 kHz, discrete 5.1 surround and virtual 7.1 surround to name a few. On the bottom right corner, they have the Creative logo. Just above the Creative logo, there is an image of the built-in RGB controller on the AE-5. The built-in controller has support for AURORA Reactive RGB lighting.

The rear of the box also has the Sound BlasterX logo on the top left corner, as well as the Pro-Gaming and AE-5 Pure Edition product branding. Below the logo and branding, there is a detail description of some of the main features of the AE-5. These features include the 122 dB DNR Sabre Class DAC, XAMP, their custom designed headphone amp, AURORA Reactive RGB lighting, their audio processor and the new Scout 2.0, which we’ll get into more later. The right side of the packaging has this same information is a few different languages. Along the bottom are the minimum system requirements for the AE-5.

The top of the box has the Sound BlasterX logo and AE-5 Pure Edition branding. The bottom of the box is where you find The UPC code, model, and serial numbers. This is also where you find the link to register your Creative Labs products. They also have the addresses of the several Creative Labs offices.

The left side of the box has a depiction of the AE-5 and the included RGB LED strips. This side also makes mention of the quick start guide that’s included with the paperwork. This is written in several languages, not including English. They also have the link to download Sound Blaster Connect. www.creative.com/support/blasterx-ae5. The right side has a picture of the front and rear connections of the AE-5. The front having a SPDIF optical port, Line In/Mic In, Headphone jack, then Front and rear speakers and subwoofer ports. The rear has a Molex connection to power the RGB controller. There is also a header for the front panel audio for your case.



The accessories come in a smaller black box with the Sound BlasterX logo printed in the center. As for the paperwork, the AE-5 comes with a multi-language user guide, a quick start guide, a warranty card and a welcome note. The card itself comes wrapped in anti-static film and encased in soft foam.  I like the soft foam. I feel it gives much better protection when compared to hard foam.

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