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Swiftech H240-X AIO CPU Cooler Review

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

At $149.99 I think the Swiftech H240-X hits a very sweet spot. It sits just above some of the more expensive ASETek based all-in-one coolers and offers quite a bit better performance. The price doesn’t quite reflect what you’re actually getting, if you were to take just the Apogee XL waterblock and Swiftech’s MCRx40-QP radiator and add them up, you’d already be priced at $130.00 before adding the pump, tubing, fittings, coolant and fans. In my opinion, the Swiftech H240-X brings a lot of value to the market.


Installation of the Swiftech H240-X went very smoothly. The process is very similar to larger air coolers and other AIO coolers on the market. I’d say that within about 10 minutes you could have the H240-X unpacked and installed.

I’ve used a few AIOs in the past that failed within hours after I reviewed them. So I started a new process. Right out of the box, I turn off EIST and set the multiplier of the CPU to the turbo boost frequency and run everything at 100% for 72 hours non-stop. Out of the box, I experienced zero issues with the H240-X after the 72 hour test. At full 100% RPM on both the fans and the pump noise was noticeable when you’re near the cooler. Sitting about 3 feet away the noise is significantly diminished for me. Turning on EIST and allowing the motherboard to run the fans but not the pump, noise is further reduced.


The interesting shape of the cooler may turn a few consumers off; either because of aesthetics or just a lack of space in the case. The Cooler Master case I currently use as a test bench has plenty of room. Take note of the size and be sure it fits. The fact the shape of the H240-X limits you to three fans can be another turn off for users. I know a few people who will only run radiators in a full push/pull configuration. The location of the pump and reservoir prevent a fourth fan from being installed. My other complaint is the fact that if I want to go to G1/4 fittings, I need to purchase an adapter. Granted, the adapter is around $5.00 but still that’s another part that I need to be concerned with.

Overall, I think the Swiftech H240-X is an outstanding AIO cooler. Swiftech chose to use their flagship waterblock with the unit which shows they believe in their products. I thought performance would be a little further away from the EK Predator, but about 2°C separate the average CPU load temperature of the two coolers at stock speeds and overclocking temperatures are separated by less than two degrees. I’m still not 100% sure about expanding these coolers and I plan to put them to the test here in the near future. Swiftech backs the H240-X with a three year warranty, but I don’t think you’ll need to use it. I actually like the shape of the H240-X. Not only does it provide a window to what is going on inside the unit, it is different from other AIOs on the market.  Performance, price and ease of installation earn the Swiftech H240-X the Modder’s Inc Must have award.

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