Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Review: Gaming in Style

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Disassembly and Modding Options

The Tesoro Lobera Spectrum is opened from the back by removing 11 screws (#2 Phillips head). The last one is hidden underneath the bottom center rubber feet.

There are four H10 hex screws on the top cover but this is only for looks and does not actually hold anything on the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum. All you need to remove are the screws at the back of the keyboard to remove the top cover.


The diffuesed LED strip on the side are taped to the back cover. These two plug into the main PCB at the bottom and can be easily removed. Since these are RGB LEDs as well, it has four wires. The plate mounting for the switches is very light compared to other mechanical keyboards and has a thick white paint. The entire PCB with the plate detaches from the rest of the housing easily once the rear screws are removed. There are no secondary PCBs to deal with or extra dangling ribbon cables.


The Tesoro Lobera uses an NXP ARM Cortex LPC4000 series processor for handling all the functions with a 512KB Macronix flash for storage. For the USB hub, Tesoro uses a Genesys Logic GL850G providing two downstream USB 2.0 ports from a single upstream. For driving the onboard RGB LED’s, there are three Macroblock MBI5042GP SSOP chips located at the rear PCB.

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Ron Perillo

Ron is a non-binary tech writer that presently identifies as a reviewer but is currently transitioning toward modding.
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