Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Review: Gaming in Style

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Tesoro Lobera Software

Installing the Tesoro Lobera Software is not necessary for using the Lobera Spectrum keyboard but it does open up more options for the user such as a much more comprehensive macro recording, profile management and individual key controls. The layout of the software is such that an overview of the keyboard layout is constantly on the screen and the configuration screen only changes on the lower right side of the window. This limits the work area quite a bit and thus a lot of the options appear very small on the screen and are difficult to read such as the Macro sub-menu which is forced to use extremely small fonts to fit all the options in half of the screen. Macro settings are satsifactorily comprehensive however, should the user be able to see its tiny print.

Since the screen only changes on the lower right side, users have to click cancel, OK or exit on every submenu that shows on that side of the screen or else nothing else will be accessible (Windows “ding” sound popping out). The menu design is quite clunky and should’ve been thought out more for useability purposes. Nontheless, the second option is a powerful key assignment option which allows users to re-assign any key except the Fn key. This is done by selecting the key (highlighted in yellow) and simply pressing what value it should be replaced by.

Programs can also be synched and launched with the Tesoro Lobera software (up to five programs).

The Illumination option is for selecting the full backlit color, either via pallette presets or by inputting a corresponding RGB value equivalent.

The Lighting Effects option has the rest of the LED lighting controls with the nine presets available. The last Spectrum Color option under Lighting effects however open up the Tesoro Lobera for per-key editing and even allows users to set the LED behaviour of the key.

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Ron Perillo

Ron is a non-binary tech writer that presently identifies as a reviewer but is currently transitioning toward modding.
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