Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Review: Gaming in Style

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What makes a keyboard a “gaming” type does not always come down to features that are necessarily useful while playing. Although not exclusive to gaming keyboards, aggressive designs, mechanical switches, and backlit keys compliment the gamer aesthetic and thus have become closely associated with what is expected from high-end units. The backlit LED mechanical switch frontier is now in the RGB territory with manufacturers offering a spectrum of color options switchable via software. Gaming peripheral manufacturer Tesoro naturally has met this demand with several options to choose from, one of which is the Spectrum version of their Lobera gaming keyboard.

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The Tesoro Lobera Spectrum is a full RGB LED keyboard capable of adjusting any one of its 104 keys to display any of the 16.8 million color combination available. The Lobera Spectrum uses Kailh mechanical switches compatible with Cherry MX keycaps and comes in four similar Cherry MX variants: red, black, blue and brown. For added gamer convenience, the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum also features USB and audio pass-through, with live macro recording and advanced key re-assignment capability.

Is it just me or does Tesoro use the Harry Potter font for the product name on their packaging? Anyway, the packaging consists of a two-stage box with an external glossy slip-on cover externally and the actual box holding the product inside. Flanked on the left and right with padding, the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum sits at the top compartment with the documentation envelope tucked underneath it.


The documentation envelope contains a Tesoro product guide outlining the Tesoro peripheral family and the Tesoro Lobera Spectrum quick-start guide. There is space for a disc but the Lobera software is not bundled in the box and must be downloaded from Tesoro’s support website at The only other extra accessory included is a USB auxiliary power cable for the USB hub.



Key switch Kailh mechanical
Full key backlight Yes
Memory 512KB
Profiles 5
Macro keys
Key Lifespan
50 Million Keystrokes
Profile Keys
USB Ports 2
Cable length 1.55m Braided
Dimension 183(L) X 498(W) X 25(H) mm
Weight 1.5kg

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Ron Perillo

Ron is a non-binary tech writer that presently identifies as a reviewer but is currently transitioning toward modding.
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