The Cooler Master SK621 Wireless Keyboard Review

60% Layout with 100% Performance

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A Closer Look at the Cooler Master SK621


The Cooler Master SK621 60% layout, 10 key-less keyboard with wireless capability. First, we’ll get into the aesthetics of the SK621. The SK621 has a beautiful, brushed aluminum backplate. The Cooler Master SK621 is made up of slim, floating chicklet style keycaps. However, each keycap has a slight contour to the middle for increased comfort while typing. The SK621 has the back end of the keyboard raised up. This gives the SK621 an almost triangle shape when looking at it from the side. This design eliminates the need for feet to elevate the back of the keyboard. The bottom of the SK621 has thick rubber feet to prevent the keyboard from sliding.

The SK621 uses Cherry MX low profile switches. In fact, Cooler Master is one of only a few companies that use the Cherry MX low profile switches. Currently, the SK621 is only available in Cherry MX Red low profile switches. However, that may change in the future. The Cherry MX Red low profile switches have a very similar feel to the traditional Cherry MX Reds. The actuation is almost identical. However, the travel distance has been reduced from 4 millimeters to 3.2 millimeters.


The SK621 can be used both wired and wireless with Bluetooth 4.0. The SK621 comes with a USB Type-C cable. With the Type-C cable, you can just plug the SK621 into your PC, MAC or Laptop. The USB Type-C cable also works as a charging cable for the SK621. Now, when you hear, wireless, many people hold back due to battery life. However, the battery life on the SK621 is great. With the SK621 fully illuminated with RGB backlighting, the battery can last upwards of 14 hours. Without RGB lighting, it can last up to four months.


The Cooler Master SK621 features per-key RGB lighting with multiple effects and modes. You can use the SK621 as a plug and play keyboard with on the fly controls. To take advantage of the on the fly system, simply press and hold the FN button and then press the R key to cycle through the lighting effects. With the on the fly controls, you can also set and adjust macros in real time. On top of the lighting and macro controls, the on the fly system allows you to control the volume controls and mute, as well as lock the Windows Key.

For more advanced controls, SK621 is also supported by the Cooler Master Portal software. The Portal software will allow you to unlock the full functionality of the SK621. You can use the software if you prefer a more personal touch to your keyboard. The Cooler Master Portal Software gives you more control over the RGB lighting on the SK621, as well as the macros. Through the Portal software, you can completely remap the entire keyboard. The Cooler Master Portal even allows you to exchange profiles or settings with friends through the library tab.

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