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XPG Precog Gaming Headset Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I was blown away by how good the XPG Precog is.  Certainly, it isn’t quite perfect, but XPG is relatively new to the gaming headset market and the Precog demonstrates that they are serious about being competitive.  Even if it hadn’t come with a USB sound card and a carrying case, I would be quite comfortable recommending the Precog at its current $130 price point.  It doesn’t exactly trounce Sennheiser’s Game Zero headset, but it feels like a real competitor and brings features to the table that the Sennheiser headset lacks, like a quality hard shell carrying case.


Great sound qualityUSB port on the headset was loose and had an inconsistent performance on the review sample
ComfortableCannot be worn under a hood
Self-adjusting headbandHigh pitched whine present when using USB sound card with ENC disabled
Excellent device compatibilityEdge of one ear cup came loose during normal usage
Comes with carrying case
Dedicated USB sound card w/ virtual 7.1 surround
Multiple connection standards

Normally, I end off with some sort of qualifying statement about who a product is for.  That isn’t necessary for the Precog.  It’s a great headset for just about anyone, regardless of what you need a headset for.  PC gaming?  Check.  Console Gaming?  Check.  Mobile gaming?  Check.  Listening to music at your desk?  Check.  Listening to music on the go?  Check.  The Precog is a gaming headset worthy of your consideration.  If XPG can switch out the USB port on the headset for a more reliable part like the ones in their cables and fix the other two minor issues, I will happily award the Precog our highest honors.  However, until that happens they will have to settle for “only” a Must Have award.

Modders-Inc Hardware Must Have Award

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