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Computer Case Mod

MSI Pro Mod Season 4 Voting Begins


The time has come to vote for the winner of MSI’s Pro Mod Season 4. Modders from around the world have designed unique casemods integrating the “RGB” theme of this season, allowing the entrants to have free rein to interpret what it means in their …

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Fallout 4 Case Mod by Dewayne Carel

Fallout 4 Case Mod

Some of you probably remember my Fallout 3 case mod I did a few years ago that was popular with many of the fans of the game. It was so popular that NVIDIA wanted the case mod to give away and was a featured mod …

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DOOM 2016 Case Mod by Dewayne Carel


It’s not everyday that you get a chance to build a case mod for one of the largest game producers let alone one based off a game that changed the way we play games today. Since we run the case modding contest at QuakeCon I …

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Project Eris by Darwin PC

Project Eris by Darwin PC

One of the things we link to do here at Modders-Inc is to showcase others mastery in case modding. There are so many different styles and process that in each one you can see the personality of the person who creates them. This goes forward …

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Alienware Case Modding Contest in CPU Magazine


It is time for to get things going and strong as Modders-Inc is competing in the Alienware Case Mod-Off contest. Team Modders-Inc (Michael Kraft-Craig Tate- Dewayne Carel) will be battling against two other teams to see who can come up with the best case mod based …

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Intel #ExpertMode showcases a PC case modder

Intel #ExpertMode

Introducing #ExpertMode, a 6-episode look at extreme PC’s and the passionate artists who build them. The first Intel #ExpertMode episode features PC modder Travis Jank from NerdyNinjas who invites us into his Idaho  workshop to see a freezing cold computer that utilizes two separate window …

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The Red Dragon Case Mod by JJ_Sky5000


While at CES this year I took in all the sites, hardware and all the normal stuff you do, but being the case modder that I am I had to make sure that I looked at each mod that was presented at the manufactures suites …

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Zotac ZBOX Sphere OI520 Death Star Case Mod


During the CES trek I take every year the Modders-Inc team in 2014 landed at the Zotac Booth. While at the booth we got the normal tour of all the items they had and are coming out with. During this we came across a computer …

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Star Wars Case Mods

Tie Fighter desk

What could be better than having a computer case that looks like something from the Star Wars universe, pretty much nothing. Star Wars is a fan favorite for many reasons and those that live by it will do anything to be apart of it each …

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Despicable Me Minions Computer Case Mod

Case Modder Ronnie Hara decided it was time for an new modding project and it would have to be something that everyone would recognize right away. What would more popular that one of the Minions for the Despicable Me movie series. Here is what Ronnie …

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