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CRYORIG Innovative Product Compatibility Tester Goes Online


CRYORIG Innovative Product Compatibility Tester Goes Online! CRYORIG, PC thermal solutions innovator is releasing a new Compatibility Tester. The CR Origami testing system allows users to print out and put together a origami structure that will reflects the fin size footprint, heatpipe height limitations for a CRYORIG product and platform of choice. This allows users to pre-test their system and ... Read More »

ID-COOLING Releases New CPU Cooler, SE-214X

SE-214X (6)

ID-COOLING, a cooling solution provider focusing on thermal dissipation and fan technology research and production for over 10 years, released one new CPU Cooler with special aluminum stick support technology, named SE-214X. SE-214X is featuring the new Aluminum Stick Support Technology: one pure aluminum stick is added rising from the base till all through the whole heatsink fins. This design ... Read More »

Scythe Mugen MAX: A New High-End CPU Cooler for Enthusiasts

Scythe Mugen MAX CPU Cooler

Scythe innovated the cooling market with it’s first Mugen CPU cooler in the past. The cooling-expert is introducing the new Mugen MAX, aiming for users seeking maximum performance for their PC system. Mugen Max has received various optimizations, such as the re-designed heatsink for increased performance and the shifted base-plate for improved compatibility to memory modules. After releasing several compact ... Read More »

Fractal Design announces Kelvin Series Water Cooling System

Fractal Design Kelvin Series Water Cooling System

Fractal Design is proud to launch KELVIN, a uniquely Expandable All-In-One water cooling series. Available in three different versions T12 120mm radiator, S24 240mm radiator and S36 360mm radiator. Simple to install, silent operation, powerful performance and easy expandability define the Kelvin Series.  The silent high-performance ceramic pump is strong enough to support considerable expansion, should you decide to include ... Read More »

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Pro Liquid CPU Cooling System Review

Overclockers, enthusiasts and gamers are perhaps the 3 main groups of people who put performance above everything else including money and noise levels so it’s really no surprise that their choices include high airflow towers and hardware components with excellent performance yet very high power consumption and noise levels. Not everyone however is a fan of noise and that’s why ... Read More »

Raijintek THEMIS Evo CPU Cooler Review

Raijintek THEMIS Evo

The prospect of another three Star Wars movies does not color me the least bit excited, not just because the first three prequels were more disappointing than modern-day Bob Dylan but because J.J. Abrams is on the helm which means freshness, originality and greatness will not be on the menu. Expect it to be shiny, albeit heartless like his Star ... Read More »

[M] Cooler Master Nepton 280L CPU Cooler Review

Cooler Master has been trying over the years to squeeze themselves into the all in one liquid cooling market; no spin-offs or re-brands as most AIO manufacturers offer. The in-house design makes these coolers stand out from the competitors offerings, however to be successful the AIO has to be a perfect combination of looks, ease of installation and of course ... Read More »

Raijintek Pallas Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review ‹ Hardware-360

Despite the fact that newer processors require less power to operate, thermal concerns are still an issue to consider because a smaller area can have more current flowing at a given time compared to older and larger fabrication designs. This is especially true when overclocking the latest Intel Haswell processors which are more difficult to tame thermally compared to Intel ... Read More »

Thermalright AXP-200 Muscle Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review

Since the beginning of 2014 alone 3 of my friends decided to build their very own HTPC systems and all three turned to me for advice regarding what hardware components they should choose. Fortunately money is not really an issue for either of them but since their goal was to keep the cost inside a specific range it did take ... Read More »

Noctua NH-D15 Heatsink Review – FrostyTech.com

Weighing 1,320 grams with both fans installed, Noctua’s NH-D15 heatsink is big. It stands 162mm tall and has a footprint of 151x161mm so prospective buyers will want to measure their case clearances first. It’s six heatpipes are soldered to the nickel plated copper base plate and aluminum cooling fins; overall the fit and finish is top notch. via Noctua NH-D15 ... Read More »