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Cooler Master Nepton 240M Review: The Power of Silence

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While I do not have a large bank of 240mm AiO’s to compare, in fact only one at this moment (Raijintek Triton), these tests are designed to show a range of behaviour so users can see how the CM Nepton 240M behaves across fan speeds with noise levels measured for each. A Noctua NH-D15 is provided in the initial default fan benchmark as a baseline reference, being a high-end CPU air cooler that is well-known to all. 240mm AiO comparison lot will be increased further as more units are reviewed.

Bundled fan performance (push only):

CM Nepton 240M stock benchmarks

CM Nepton 240M OC benchmarks with default fans

Standardized fan comparison (push only):


CM Nepton 240M standardised stock push benchmarks

CM Nepton 240M standardised oc push benchmarks

Standardized fan comparison in push + pull:

CM Nepton 240M standardised stock pushpull benchmarks

CM Nepton 240M standardised OC pushpull benchmarks

Sound Profile:

2x Silencio FP fan on CM Nepton 240M radiator:

Fan Speed 2x Silencio FP fan in push
2400 50.7
2200 49.8
2000 46.8
1800 44.8
1600 41.9
1400 40.5
1200 37.9
1000 37.3
800 36.2
600 36.1
pump only 35.4

Enermax Twister Pressure on CM Nepton 240M radiator:

Fan Speed 2x Enermax Twister Pressure in push 4x Enermax Twister Pressure in push-pull
1800 51.4 54.4
1600 48.4 50.9
1400 46.6 48.2
1200 42.2 43.8
1100 40.7 42.1
1000 38.8 40.4
800 36.6 37.3
600 35.5 36.2
pump only 35.4 35.4


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