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Cooler Master HAF X Computer Case

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Cooler Master HAF X Computer Case computer case, Cooler Maste, r HAF X 1

   The Cooler Master HAF X is no doubt a serious computer case for enthusiasts and gamers alike. This case is the epitome of ruggedness, everything about the case feels heavy built, from it’s thick steel chassis and panels to it’s rugged matte black finish inside and out. The military styling carries throughout the case giving it a very aggressive look, which gamers will love. 

   In spite of the huge fans that were included with the case 4 in all, and 3 being 200mm to 230mm in size, I found the case to be extremely quite in operation, no doubt due t the fact that the fans were not high speed fans. The fact that the red LED lights in the front can be shut off will be a plus for those late night runners who do not want the lights to hinder their nap time. The fans kept the system rather cool throughout all the running I have done on the system. I found the ambient temps to be in the high 30s and low 40º C for the entire running time, this in a steady room temp of 75º F temp.  


   The front mounted I/O panel is a plus to me, as I simply like having my ports where I can see and access them easily. It is great that Cooler Master is catering to the USB 3.0 crowd early on in the 3.0 game and the fact that the cumbersome USB 3.0 cables can be traded out for cables that connect to 3.0 headers on the mb is also very cool. I just wished they had included them already in the accessories like the USB 2.0 cables. 

   The new additions to the case; the VGA bracket, VGA air duct and psu cover are indeed great feature upgrades for this case. Each one has a valid use and will perform its function well in my opinion. The fact that more fans can be added to the VGA bracket as well as the VGA air duct is a plus in my book. 


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