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Cooler Master NA 120 Universal Notebook Power Adapter 120w

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To use the Cooler Master NA 120 Universal Power Adapter 120w, you simply choose the correct tip for your laptop and attach it to the adapter’s power cord. Then attach the adapters power outlet cord to the adapter and plug it into the wall outlet. Next you will simply plug the 90° power adapter plug into the dc jack of the laptop and it should start charging.

Adapter Blue Power LEDCooler-Master-NA120- 006

In the picture on the right you can see the blue LED power light that indicates that the Cooler Master NA 120 adapter is indeed receiving power from the power outlet. The green circle on the in the upper left corner of the picture is the charging indicator on an HP DV6000 laptop. For the laptop to charge this LED ring around the dc jack should glow blue.

The left picture is simply just showing the back of the adapter, which shows its model number along with the input and output voltage, wattage and milliamp.


NA 120 plugged into hpNA 120 plugged into the HP

As I mentioned above the HP DV 6000 series laptops have a blue LED ring around the dc jack hole. As you can see in the pictures above once I plugged the Cooler Master NA 120 into the HP laptop the blue charging light around the dc jack indeed did come on, as well as the blue LED charging light on left front of the HP laptop.

chargingstorage bag


As you can see in the left picture, once I turn on the laptop and hold my cursor over the battery icon, it shows that the laptop is charging and is currently at 78%. So, the Cooler Master NA 120 is doing the job, just as it should.

When you are finished charging your laptop, simply bundle everything up and put it into the nice little black storage bag that Cooler Master provided.

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