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Cougar MARS Gaming Table Review.

MARS Gaming Table

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Closer Look and Assembly


Table feet are made entirely from steel and as you can see by the close-up and weld very well as the joints. The base and the shaft are both hollow insides. On the shaft, you can see a few screw holes. This is the way you would have to adjust your table height by screwing the frame to the desired hole.


MARS comes with four plastic feet. These small circular feet are made from ABS plastic and screw in the base of the foot.



Building out a frame was extremely easy. All I had to do is to follow very detailed instructions in the booklet. I had no difficulties with instructions and they were well written.


MARS has a simple cable management system built in the frame, so hiding cables should not be an issue. There is plenty of space for power cables or power supplies for the laptops.



One of the eye-catching components of MARS is the RGB bumpers that mount at the end of the table. These bumpers made entirely from the ABS plastic with a transparent strip facing up. On the outer side of the bumper, there is a stylish logo of Cougar.




The entire top side of MARS consists of 3 pieces. The material for the tabletop appears to be MDF wood. To give a better appearance Cougar has wrapped the MDF with a carbon fiber textured plastic (on end pieces) and ABS textured plastic in the middle. The difference between finishes does jump out and it does feel a bit odd however it is not displeasing to touch.


On the left and right top sides of the table, we can connect media jacks (left) and simple control with USB 3.0 connections (right). With the use of the special/provided cable, you can connect your desk to your motherboard. The cables are long enough to reach the side of the table where you would possibly have your computer.


Installing media boxes and bumpers is as easy as screwing a few screws in. The bumpers use HEX screws to hold everything in place while media boxes use simple thumbscrews.  Assembled desk dimensions are  60.4 x 30.4 (WxD) Inches or 1533 x 771 (mm).  I have the table set to the lowest height 29.5 inches but you can raise it a little if you would like to 31.5 or  33.5 (in) (750 / 800 / 850 (mm).


The entire installation of the desk takes about 30 minutes to put together. I would strongly advise on following the included instructions.


RGB functions of the table are not tied in with your RGB capable motherboard. You can cycle pre-defined patterns by pressing on the “Light” button on the right media box. I haven’t found a way to control the table from my PC yet. So I am not entirely sure it is possible.

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