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Raijintek THETIS Window Aluminum Case Review

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As seen in the video my experience with trying to install an ATX motherboard, large power supply, and a full length graphics cards did not go as planned and was a very tight fit when trying to put a full-size system into the THETIS. I would think that unless you really dove deep in the specifications of the case you might end up with the same issues I did in the video.  I do think and I did show in the video that the case is better suited for a smaller motherboard setup.

Raijintek THETIS

Overall I thought the Raijintek THETIS case has a very good and clean design on the outside with a few nice features on the insides. Being able to put multiple storage devices into a small case is a great touch and the Raijintek THETIS does its best to minimize this challenge. Doing something different with the power supply is also a welcomed change as innovation helps push the markets. If you are in the market to create a desktop PC that will be set up in an office or maybe a family room the style of the THETIS will meet your needs.

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