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Raijintek THETIS Window Aluminum Case Review

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Jumping to the inside of the THETIS case we see that it is an inverted case. This means that the motherboard mounts upside down and faces out towards the right side of the case. Plenty of passages have been placed inside the case for cable routing to accommodate different motherboard sizes.

Rotating around to the other side of the Raijintek THETIS we see the same layout as before, but we can see where the storage devices and be mounted using the supplied rubber mounting pieces.

From these views, we get a better look as to where the power supply will be resting. Set at the front of the case and turned at 90 degrees the power and connection and exhaust of the hot air is at the bottom of the case. A new power cable is run from the rear of the case, where the new power switch is, and along the motherboard tray while a flat plug connects to the power supply. The rear shows us a120mm fan at the bottom, which normally would be the top of the case. Everything else is pretty much the same as a standard case, just upside down.


Looking inside and to the top of the case, we get to see the removable air vent that does have a fine screen on it. Changing views to the bottom of the THETIS we get to where another air passage is which does not have a dust screen on it. Probably because this same space can be used to mount yet more storage devices

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