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Sound BlasterX G6 External Sound Card Review

Up your audio game!

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The front of the Sound BlasterX G6 box has a large image of the G6 placed in the center and taking up most of the front of the box. The Sound BlasterX logo is displayed on the top left-hand corner. To the right are several awards given tot he G6. On the rear, there is a diagram of the front and rear IO for the G6. There are also pictures of every device the G6 is compatible with. The back of the box also lists several of the main features of the Sound Blaster G6, as well as minimum system requirements.


The Sound Blaster G6 comes set in a felt covered, plastic tray, much like the G5 was packed. The Sound Blaster G6. The Sound Blaster G6 comes packed with a user manual, warranty information and a declaration of conformity on radio equipment. There is also a thank you note from Creative Labs which is a nice touch. The last two things in the box are a micro usb cable for power and date, as well as a hybrid optical and 3.5 mm cable. One end plugs into the SPDIF port on you motherboard or TV, for example., The other side plugs into the back of the sound card.

Article Index: >>    « Introduction | A Closer Look at the Sound BlasterX G6 »

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  1. Judging from the frequency response numbers, you are doing RMAA test totally wrong. You must disable equalizer and any sound processing as surround, bass redirect etc. Refer to the manual, it looks embarrassing.

  2. I have a G6 and would like to remove the volume knob. How can I do that without damaging the card? How did you remove it for this article?

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