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TekRepublic TH Pro 7.1 Gaming Headset

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   Installation of the Tek-Republic TH Pro headset could not have been easier. Simply load the enclosed software CD and navigate to my computer. Once there click the CD / DVD drive that has the installation software in it and double click. Mine was in my (D) drive as indicated by the arrow I placed in the image.

   Next you simply choose the OS that you are using and double click the file. I was using Windows 7, as indicated again by the arrow I placed in the image. Once you open the correct OS installation file, simply scroll down and double click setup.



   Once you double click install you get a simple Installing USB PnP Device Driver window and shortly after a restart your computer prompt, as indicated in the first image above. The second image I have listed is how the program will show up in your control panel uninstall programs window. Pretty simple, just as I said.


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