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TekRepublic TH Pro 7.1 Gaming Headset

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   Once you restart your computer the Headset’s USB PnP Sound Device software icon will appear in the windows tray. Simply click on it to open the Tek-Republic audio software.

   The first tab in the audio software is the Main Setting tab, here you can set the System Input, DSP Mode, and Output Mode. For those who do not know DSP Mode stands for it is Digital Signal Processing. This mode is used to simulate surround environments, ex. Hall, Live, Studio, and etc


  BTW, using the 7.1 Virtual Speaker Shifter button will allow you to set each virtual channel to different settings.


   The next tab we have is the Mixer tab. Here we have a very simple speaker and mic mixer, which allows you to adjust speaker volume and mic volume along with line in adjustment.

  The Effect tab comes next in line of tabs. The Effect section allows for simple environment settings, as well as 10 band graphic equalizer, that you can either set manually or choose from 12 popular presets according to your music taste.


   Next on the list of tabs is the Karaoke / Magic Voice settings. Here you can set microphone playback for your own Karaoke or even set it to Magic Voice. Magic Voice is basically a mini voice changer, with a Monster, Cartoon, generic Male, and generic Female setting. You can also adjust key shifting and voice cancellation settings.

   The final tab is the Information tab. Along with the ability to turn on or off the software system tray icon, you see your current Driver software version, DirectX version and etc.

  The software package is pretty basic but does have a few fun to play with settings like Magic voice. However, I was also able to just use my Windows Media Player settings to do pretty much everything I needed without even installing the software. So, at least on Windows 7 the software is to me basically optional, as the headset will work just fine with just plug and play and Windows Media Player.


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