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TekRepublic TH Pro 7.1 Gaming Headset

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A Closer Look – Part 1


   After removing the Tek-Republic TH Pro series headset from the packaging, we get our first clear look at the unit. The headset is matte black in color, with a Tek-Republic logo on each headphone with a grey circular pattern outlining the matte black Tek-Republic TR round logo. We can also see that the mic boom is very flexible and that the ear cups have a bit of swivel to them to help fit your head shape and that they can be rotated 90° to facilitate folding for storage. We will talk a bit more about the mic in Part 2 of A Closer Look.


   It is also very noticeable that the unit is very light weight at only 7.4 ozs, however, they have a good sturdy feel to them. This is a welcome feeling for those who hate to have a heavy headset on for hours at a time when gaming.

   Looking at the portion of the headset band that will be sitting on the top of your head, we see that the TH Pro series has a decent amount of soft leather-like padding for comfort. Moving to the ear cups of the headset we find that they have about twice the padding that the top portion has, and should be comfortable for wearing for hours at a time. 


   In the first picture above we see that the padding actually covers the top of the headset also, and although padding is not needed here, it does supply a great spot for a tastefully embossed TekRepublic logo. However, this time the logo is in script form, so you know exactly what the TR stands.

   The sides of the headset, like most, have a sliding adjustment for increasing the length of each side to get the ear cups positioned just right upon your ears. Both sides of the headset slide outward and have small notches inside to lock them at each position. The slide itself is indeed plastic, however it is molded around a piece of flat spring steel to help keep them sturdy, while also keeping the ear cups pressed snugly against your head.

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