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XPG SPECTRIX D40 RGB DDR4 3000MHz Memory Review

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A Closer Look at the XPG SPECTRIX D40

The XPG SPECTRIX D40 is not excessively tall and measures in at just under 48mm tall at the peaks of the heat spreaders.


A plastic insert is used to diffuse the LED lighting. A channel is cut in the sides of the heat spreader to allow light to exit the sides and the top of the insert bears the XPG logo.


The XPG SPEXTRIX D40 is a single sided module, therefore, the memory modules are only populated on one side of the PCB. The IC side of the heat spreader is attached using thermal tape. The other side of the heat spreader is attached to the PCB with foam pads. There are 8 Samsung ICs attached to the PCB.


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  1. Not a good idea to call something spectrix after the Spectre problems. Not a great name at all.

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