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Enermax Coenus Computer Case

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Enermax Coenus Computer Case Enermax, Mid Tower 1

Enermax Coenus Computer Case Enermax, Mid Tower 2

Looking over the bare case, you can see a large point on the motherboard tray that is cut out where the CPU would reside. This is to allow for the most accommodation when dealing with different types of motherboards. This is to get at the back plate of your motherboard for CPU cooler mounting *without* needing to remove the entire motherboard to perform the work. So very glad that manufacturers are catching on to this! *ESPECIALLY* cases in this price range. 

Enermax Coenus Computer Case Enermax, Mid Tower 3


Bottom filters and perforations shown here. Of note, are the placement of the PSU standoffs. Those inlet holes are perfect for shorter power supplies, but the minute you jump up in capacity and size, your fan on your PSU will likely be staggering that stamped metal between the groupings of holes. When you reach for one of those power supplies, you will be turning it over so that the fan is drawing from within the case, instead from outside the case through these bottom holes. Just something to keep in mind. 

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