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Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router Review: First WPA3-Certified Wi-Fi Router

First WPA3-Certified Wi-Fi Router

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MR2200ac is one of the first kind of mesh routers that support WPA3 Personal/Enterprise security encryption. WPA3 Is the newest security standard that has just been released to the public. I feel this is one of the strongest features MR2200ac. With a full integration with Synology RT2600ac and RT1900ac, I strongly feel that MR2200ac has a potential to be the single solution for your house mesh networking needs. What drives all of the features such as Safe Access, VPN Access, Threat Prevention and etc, is the award-winning SRM (Synology Router Manager) operating system that takes management and operations of a home router to the next level.


Deployment of MR2200ac is very easy and could be completed in under five minutes. There is no special skill or understanding required to go from installation to 100% operation. Based on my personal experience (if you have Ethernet Ready house), for optimal performance of MR2200ac use a wired communication between the access point and the router to achieve higher throughput speeds. My experience with MR2200ac has been close to a month and I had no issues streaming uploading or downloading from the internet. Internal streaming like Plex had no issues as well. I did notice a degradation of service as a small lag when having MR2200ac in full WiFi connectivity to the RT2200ac. However, when connected via Ethernet cable I had no issues what so ever.

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Right now, MR2200ac retails for $ 139.99 USD and can be purchased directly from Amazon. The price of MR2200ac is slightly higher than some of the Synology’s competitors but if you already have RT2200ac or RT1900ac then MR2200ac is a must. Great Product, Modders Inc Approved!

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