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Bitspower THOR EIX99 Full Cover Water Block for EVGA X99 Classified/FTW

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Installation of the Bitspower THOR EIX99 Full Cover Water Block

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The first step in getting the THOR EIX99 installed is to remove the stock EVGA VRM and PCH heatsink. There are two heatsinks connected by a heatpipe. Flip the motherboard over and remove the three screws from the VRM heatsink and two additional screws securing the heatsink to the PCH.

DSC_5155There may be a little residue from the EVGA thermal tape. It is a good idea to clean it off before proceeding to install the VRM block. I cleaned our sample with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.


DSC_5156The next step is to cut and attach the included thermal tape to the VRM. Then attach the water block using the included screws and washers.

DSC_5157To install the PCH block again, clean off the top of the PCH with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and then reapply a tiny dab of your favorite thermal paste. Secure the block using the included screws and washers.

DSC_5163So far the X99 motherboards have been a breeze to swap out CPU coolers. The integrated backplate make most installations quick and easy. The first step in getting the water block mounted is to attach the four included posts as shown above.

DSC_5166 DSC_5168

Apply some thermal paste and set the CPU block on top of the CPU. Then use the springs and thumb screws to secure the block. Make sure to use a cross type pattern when tightening down the CPU block. According to the instructions, tighten the thumbscrews until the center post is even with the top of the thumbscrew.

DSC_5167Next screw in the fittings. They are knurled at the base so no tools should be necessary. If you have Hulk-hands, be careful how much they are tightened as it can crack the acrylic and cause a leak.

DSC_5169Finally, line up the holes in the distribution block with the fittings and press down. If it seems difficult, as small dab of liquid dish soap on the rubber O-rings on the fittings should help the block fully seat. There are two screws that help keep the block seated.  A little bit of tension goes a long way and too much could crack the acrylic.

Don’t get me wrong, the acrylic on the THOR EIX99 seems pretty tough, I just caution the installers as I’d hate to see a the block spring a leak on a $400.00 motherboard.


DSC_5174Water should flow through the blocks in a specific direction. Bitspower has marked the directions with arrows on the top of the block. The left side is in and the right side is out. If the flow direction is reversed, overheating problems could be present.

DSC_5162 DSC_5190

There are a couple of clearance issues to be aware of:

  • First is the top PCIe slot. The card retention lock is right up against the acrylic for the PCH block. This does not hurt functionality but does make it difficult to get the card out, but it can be done.
  • Second is the metal plate for the PCH block covers the M.2 ports. Make sure to install any M.2 cards before mounting the THOR EIX99.

The kit does not come with fittings to attach the assembled components to your watercooling loop. You will need to provide those. The distribution block uses standard G1/4 threads. After everything is installed and connected, Bitspower recommends a 24-hour leak test before powering up the motherboard.

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